AP – Columnist assignment

AP Lang and Comp
Columnist assignment

Objective: articulate what makes a columnist distinguishable through style, content, and purpose/exigency.


  • Choose a columnist who has a consistent presence in either a newspaper or magazine.
  • Research their life and writing history
  • Gain access to their columns either through the internet, library, or subscriptions. Try to get access to their very first columns
  • Start a folder or section in your binder for columns and annotations.
  • Find 20 articles to read and annotate over the course of the semester. If your columnist has written a book or books, you can substitute a book for 10 articles.
  • Using the framework, analyze the columns for style, content, purpose and exigency. Apply the rhetorical triangle to their columns.
  • Look for patterns, differences, stylistic choices that are constant, etc. and make note of it
  • Choose a few stylistic elements to use in your own writing
  • Product:
  • At the end of the semester, you will synthesize the information gathered about your columnist into a 5 minute documentary to show the class.


Rubric to come


Bring in at least one column to read in class on Monday. The text will be turned in, so either in google docs or paper


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