Humanities – 9/8 and weekly paper

Today we looked at Some Nights by Fun and considered where the speaker is within the context of circumstance and Vico.

Some Nights Lyrics (Warning there is explicit language)

Writing notes from 9/5

  • Kill the General You
  • Use specific examples
  • Have an interesting lead tied to the “so what” of your thesis
  • Conclude your papers without repeating. Consider it as a resolve
  • Every writing you do has a thesis. A thesis has a what, how and so what. What are you talking about (Topic), how do you see it working in the world, text, etc., and why should we (the general we) care.

Weekly paper requirements:

  • Topic: What do I stand for? – Not all things, one thing. Brainstorm where you are in varying institutions with Vico, perhaps choose one of those. Think about your cornerstone beliefs, perhaps choose one of those, or choose something completely different.
  • Two pages MAX.
  • 12 point font (TNR), double spaced, .75 margins, MLA or APA citations.
  • Due for Writer’s workshop on Friday.

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