Search – 9/9 Frankl intro

In addition to discussing this Frankl quote:

Everything can be taken from man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms— to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

Frankl, Viktor E. (2006-06-01). Man’s Search for Meaning (Kindle Locations 877-878). Beacon Press. Kindle Edition.

We discussed the parameters of the paper and reading assignments.


Actively read

Take solid annotated noted in which you analyze why/how you are reacting to a particular passage, stylistic element, etc.

Part 1 of Man’s Search for Meaning is due Wednesday 9/17/2014

Here are your notes from the quote:

  • Different ideas
  • Creating a subjective reality
  • React to things around you – hard to control the “gut” reaction but you can
  • Apply this idea to circumstances, much like Frankl’s circumstances within the concentration camps – easy to agree with because of the magnitude of his circumstances
  • Hard not to use the general you
  • 1984 – Structured life can suppress the attitude; choice is the last human freedom – once this is gone, they are no longer human anymore
  • Chose to believe that lives would still be there when they got out, and that they would get out
  • Attitude is 100% controllable – but can we maintain an authenticity here?
  • First reaction versus the second (which is closer to who you really are)
  • The three vinegar men painting – the third
  • If our first reaction is our “trained” reaction, then can we “choose” out of that?
  • –attitude can be affected by those around us
  • Murica versus America versus United States of America US or USA
  • THE
  • Attitude and Will –
  • Anger is secondary
  • Can’t always pick the path you go down, there are outside circumstances
  • Considering two human freedoms: Attitude and way?
  •                 Outlook on life is a path
  •                 Create our own reality through interpretations of what happens around us
  • Dying is a freedom
  • Freedom lies in your choices
  • Attitude is a great way to define character
  •                 How others act can influence you
  •                 Perhaps fear of….
  •                 Attitude and actions
  • People can take things, but not who you are – unless you let them
  • Attitude chooses outcomes
  • External circumstances do not mean the same external outcome – attitude matters
  • “…to choose one’s own way” with external circumstances that are outside his control
  •                 Way does not have to be a physical, tangible,
  •                 Way can be a philosophy or “way of life”
  • External circumstances were not chosen for the prisoners, there reactions are their choice
  • When can’t control anything else, you can control your attitude and have power there
  • 1984 – forced the attitude; IRL – nothing can actually FORCE you to comply or change attitude
  • There are a few people who cannot control their attitude – what are the implications here?
  • Optimistic – and this would not good in EVERY circumstance
  •                 Looking at the nuance of the circumstances
  • Sometimes attitude does control your circumstances
  •                 School activities, etc.
  •                 Attitude is the start of a chain reaction

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