SEARCH – 9/15 Myth

What are the myths that we build and buy into?

What are the stories that we are part of?

This is the theme for the week as Frankl is searching to find meaning in a new story, a new truth, a horrific truth that many do not want to face.

Take today to read and watch the following pieces and then in your weekly essay, discuss an answer to either question posed. Your draft is due 9/25 for writer’s workshop.

This week, you will work on the following packet of information in addition to finishing part one by Wednesday. Tuesday will be a work/read day, Wednesday is a discussion day, Thursday is a work/read day, and Friday is a discussion day. All the following assignments are due on Friday.

Personal Myth

Read five of the provided orgin myths (click on the title):

Table of Contents – Orgin Myths 

Watch Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (with Bill Moyers) and take notes. Research three of the archetypes or concepts that Campbell mentions in his conversation with Moyers. Bring those notes for Friday.


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