AP – College Essay Wednesday

Hi all!

Today you are writing a college essay based on the prompt below (or one you found). Remember your equation to success: passion + authentic = awesomeness. Type this in a google doc and have access to it tomorrow.

Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again? word count = 650

What makes the Narrative a successful form for argument?

  • The personal story strengthens the argument
  • The element of pathos is strong – appeal to emotions of audience
  • Build a strong foundation – a persuasive story – to teach (didactic) – relatable
  • Establishes trust between author and reader
  • Brings something in the subconscious to the conscious
  • A writer can put their opinions as part of the narrative as part of the argument


You are writing to:

  • see if you are a good fit for their campus community
  • prove you can write in both a mechanical and stylistic sound way appropriate for occasion and audience


Things to consider:

  • Good writing means being vulnerable, personable, and relatable
  • Starting from a “Why” not a what
  • Writing what is the right fit for prompt and audience, not what is easiest
  • Revision is key here. An average college essay is revised at minimum 7-10 times

HW: have an authentic start on your essay in google docs for Thursday; share your weekly essay with mhsbrock@gmail.com by Thursday night 11:59


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