SEARCH – Art and Song

Today is about reflection and connection. Many of you are finished with Frankl and some are still working on it. For each major work we read, you will want to keep a section of notes and connections made. I’m a visual note taker, so my notes often look like this:


This is merely one idea extracted from Frankl and is by no means exhaustive. It shows how I have synthesized other pieces with Frankl, which is the ultimate goal for you.

Today, get 3-5 ideas from Frankl extracted and exhausted with notes, analysis, etc.

Questions to consider:

1. How does Frankl expose some societal myths?

2. What is an idea or concept Frankl brings up that is similar to Vico’s or Campbell’s theories of life?

3. How can you apply Logotherapy to some aspect of your life?

Then, find a poem or song that you can pair with one of your ideas. I chose All Things Pass by Lao-Tzu because of the illusion that man carries about time and death.

After that, find a piece of art that also connects with that same idea. I chose the work by Julien Douvier. His work with still photography and giff animation is awesome and it relates through the way man seeks for control in life so he can die a good death, but in reality, we can “die”anytime as we are trying to control our circumstances in life versus applying meaning to our circumstances.

Finally, type up a synthesis paragraph that shows why you have paired these pieces together and be ready to share that on Friday October 3.



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