AP – Notes and more prompts

Here are the notes from today. Please answer four and five on your own for tomorrow.

  1. How does form change meaning? Use text to support your answers.
    1. Alexie has SOC, jumping emotion, fiction(?)
    2. When form changes form the intention (speech to article) message can be lost. (Frost)


  1. Why is the gang tearing down the house?
    1. Driven by “Fame for the Gang” Destroy what man could not destroy.
    2. Symbol for the gang (low class) symbolically tear down the upper class – last line “One moment the house had stood there with such dignity between the bomb sites like a man in a top hat, and then, bang, crash, there wasn’t anything left—not anything.”
    3. “There was every reason why T., as he was afterward referred to, should have been an object of mockery—there was his name (and they substituted the initial because otherwise they had no excuse not to laugh at it), the fact that his father, a former architect and present clerk, had “come down in the world” and that his mother considered herself better than the neighbors.”
    4. Tearing down the foundation of what was to clarify what is
    5. There ARE feeling in this destruction
    6. Desensitized to destruction because of the Blitz. House is symbolic of what was and by tearing it down they free Misery (notice name/title)


  1. How are titles/names utilized in each piece of literature, and why are they important? Who are left un-named?
    1. Respect is given to those with a “cultural” tie in Alexie. There is a Past represented here.
    2. Victor = Noun (one who wins) – given so many examples of when he doesn’t win (irony here). Is this linked to hope? Could still be.
    3. Names give power – but is there power here? The clash/disconnect from spiritual/culture ripped with the introduction of the reservation life.
    4. The effort it takes to invest in the cultural connection with name
    5. “all their names…” (20) – the lost of culture has taken a toll on their community
    6. “bad shoes” – what is this? Where is this headed? Why?


  1. What levels of power do you see exhibited in these texts? How? Why
  2. What are the messages you are gathering from all the pieces? How do these messages blend? How do they cut into each other? How do you make your answer out of them? Support with text.

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