AP – pulling into the story

Today you will be paired with a fellow AP friend and you will take time to explore one topic or idea deeper than just a cursory glance. Often, we get so caught up in what we need to get done, that we miss the reason behind doing it. Therefore, today you have time to talk about one idea or topic thoroughly, fully, richly.

1. Watch this ted talk:

2. Discuss the “single stories” that are presented throughout the literature we have read so far. Brainstorm a list.

3. Discuss the underside of that single story and start looking for the stories that are not being seen/heard.

4. What is the affects and effects of the single story. Think about it blanketed over these characters.

5.  There will be a prompt on the screen for you to answer independently and to turn in on Friday. This will be an attempt at the following standards:

Synthesize ideas and information from various sources

(use a variety of specific examples from the texts to create your own idea/argument)

Use the conventions of standard written English 

(to create purpose and meaning, not just to indicate where to begin and end a sentence. Syntax is a living, breathing part of your written expression—treat it as such.

Friday is a reading day. Please have your texts with you.


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