SEARCH – Writer’s group – essay

They are in their writer’s groups today and they are peer editing their papers and then working on their Religion projects OR revision.


In your Google Drive, create a folder that says “college essay [last name]” Then place your essay in this folder and share the folder with your group members.  You need to keep all the edits and comments on this rough copy. Then, revise into a clean copy in another document in the same folder. Share the entire folder with Brock by 11:59 pm Monday 10/13/14

Writers: ask three questions at the end of your paper for the readers to answer. Consider things that are on the do and don’t list.

Readers: read through and mark passages, etc. that need to change, need to expand, and read specifically for the balanced tension spine – what is the overall theme saying about the writer? What is the under tone and mood produced? – add these to your critique at the end of the paper. Part of the standard is linked to your feedback. I am evaluating this as well.


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