AP – Language and Lo

Today we chose a passage from Lolita that angers, frustrates, confuses, disgusts, etc. us and studied the language to see how construction of prose creates movement, reflection, tone, and/or mood.

When studying Language and Syntax in AP Lang and Comp, the nuance is much different than Lit. In Lit we ask how syntax works in the context of the literature. In Lang, we ask how syntax creates movement within the language; how syntax controls meaning and purpose. How does the construction of the writing itself maintain the rhetorical integrity of the author?

When studying syntax and language, six main ideas need to be considered:

  1. Sentence length (pace)
  2. Punctuation (pause)
  3. Variety of sentences, word choice, paragraph length, etc.
  4. Diction
  5. Details
  6. Imagery

With the passage chosen, do the following:

1. Write your reaction to this passage. What did you feel and how did you react when reading it?

2. Collect the following data:

  • How many sentences are in this passage?
  • How many words per sentence?
  • How did each sentence begin?
  • How did each sentence end?
  • What and how many types of punctuation are used in this passage?
  • What type of words were used? Jargon? elevated? etc.?

3. Analyze your data. What are you noticing?

4. How does the data support your reaction?



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