SEARCH – The Little Prince and The Alchemist

Journey. It is the over riding theme to this unrelenting life of ours. There are so many ways to encounter the journey. Frankl says embrace the suffering, for within we will emerge with meaning. Hesse says listen to each teacher, for that is how we will meet the teacher within. Saint-Exupery says take note of the unlikely teachers and protect that sense of wonder in every sunset. Lennon says life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Coelho says the quest of life is accepting the fate of our awesomeness.

Journey is rarely linear. Journey is rarely expected. Journey is rarely about achieving. Often, it is about relearning and returning to known places with a new perspective.

This week is about seeing the journey for what it is today and reflecting on where it started in September and beyond.

Monday: finish the Little Prince by Wednesday

Due at end of the hour:

On a 1/2 sheet of paper, do the following:

  1. Respond to one quote in The Little Prince that makes you pause. For example, “It is a secret place, the land of tears” (31).
  2. Create 2 discussion questions that synthesizes an idea raised in TLP and another book/piece read in class.
  3. Draw a picture representing your Sood work from the weekend.

Tuesday: Pace and Purpose in sentence structure

Wednesday: TLP discussion (HW: The Alchemist pages 1-47 to the asterisk by Friday)

Thursday: Conference on case study

Friday: The Alchemist discussion


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