AP – Happy day one notes and questions

Below are just a few notes jotted from today’s viewing of Happy. Please answer the questions below and be ready for discussion tomorrow:


How does the director, Roko Belic, establish Ethos, Pathos, Logos?
What is the exigency?
How does imagery, music, typography, graphics, etc. add to the argument?
How do you define happiness?
Which story resonates with you the most? Why?


50% – Genetic, 10% Circumstances, 40% unaccounted

D. Gilbert says, “people do really good when things go really bad.”

Flow is defined as a state in which challenges and skills are equally matched.

Happiness also is within those who can recover from adversity quickly

Karoshi – Japanese word that means to work to death

Once basic needs are met – money does not increase happiness

Hedonic treadmill – more stuff brings a want for more stuff

Goals are both external and internal:

External: money, image, status

Internal: personal growth, relationships, desire to help


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