AP – Musical Montage – Personal Philosophy Final

Our self is a gathering of experiences and influences. Some experiences are housed for later because, at the time, they are too overwhelming or too huge to fully comprehend at the moment. Other times, these experiences are housed to process when they are more relevant, or when we have use of the information. Often Art is the strongest representation of who we are, what we stand for, and how we are in a particular moment in time.

We are in a time of transition. We all have stories to tell. We all have lessons to teach. What are your lessons? What have you learned? What do you stand upon fully as a part of your rhetoric.

Your task – Create a musical montage in which you pair music and art in order to represent three of your core beliefs. You can create your own art, music, or pair those that are already in existence.

Requirements – 

  • One belief should link to your columnist. What did you learn from studying their work? How does it synthesize with one of your beliefs?
  • 5-7 minutes max (we will start presenting on Thursday – last half of hour, Friday and the Final day).
  • Works Cited
  • Analysis



One thought on “AP – Musical Montage – Personal Philosophy Final

  1. Dani’s Project 🙂

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