Mindful Meditation – Bruce Alfred

Bruce Alfred, Rochester Athletic Club Yoga Instructor, spoke to us about mindfulness and presence. Below are notes from his talk:

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment. Meditation helps us live in the moment and not for the moment. In the moment is present without judgement. It is recognizing what is happening and choosing to place energy where it needs to be.

Buddha, in 400 BC: Meditation is a way to put the mind in a place to see and understand clearly.

Another way to refer to mindful meditation is insight meditation.


relieves stress – when stress builds up it can effect relationships (snap at others), health (long term effects can include many conditions including depression, obesity, back problems, and numerous others)

Strip away thoughts

– so we can see the happiness (calm collected nature) within ourselves, happiness is always there, it is not defined by the external

Concept of the witness/observer

-Bring a sense of non-judgement, observe the thought, allow it to be and decide – do I need to give this active attention right now or can I let it go?

-Reset and come back to breath



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